The vessel the MT Southern Venture, is a 4, 500 deadweight bunker tanker, which is part of the Linsen Nambi fleet.  The vessel is double hulled, has separately segregated tanks, thus can carry both marine diesel oil as well as marine gas oil and is a young ship, as oil majors tend not utilise vessels which are more than 20 years old as they pose a risk to the environment. Thus the Southern Venture has Oil Major approvals under the regulations of the Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) inspections and the South African Maritime Safety Authority’s (SAMSA) annual inspection.

All bunker tankers in the Linsen Nambi fleet are fitted with the latest technology. All marine fuel oil, loaded on to the vessel or delivered from the vessel is measured by Krohne, temperature compensated, Optimass 200 S250 flow meters, which has DNV-GL class approval, does not get affected by entrapped air (“capuchino effect”) and there are no moving parts, thus it is unlikely that factors will shift, leading to delivery quantity disputes, which is the case with mechanical flow meters.

They are also equipped with Krohne Radar Tank Level Gauging systems (Cargomasters). These systems are totally independent of flow meters and are used for loading and as a back-up failover. The vessel tanks have been laser calibrated by SGS Korea and the flow meters are calibrated annually by a SANAS approved independent calibration authority.

Investing in the latest technology has achieved long term value for Linsen Nambi Bunker Services. The company has operated for over a decade, safely delivering bunkers, to date the company has delivered in excess of 10 million tons to more than 20, 000 ships, with less than 1% of valid quantity disputes and of that 1%, all disputes were less than 2%, which is below the acceptable allowance for loss during custody transfer of marine fuel oil by sea.

This level of accuracy provides comfort to Oil Majors and as such Linsen Nambi Bunker Services delivered the first LSFO delivery to the vessel the African Lion in the Port of Durban, South Africa on 2 November 2019.

The vessel is crewed by South African men and women seafarers and in this video we hear from the Master, Captain John Malemba, on his views on why he is inspired to work at Linsen Nambi Bunker Services. Chief Mate Jevan Rust discusses his happiest moment at sea and how he is following in his father’s footsteps, who is also a seafarer. Chief Engineer Elias Seema discusses, joining the company after completing his engineering studies and working his way up to the Chief Engineer.

This year, Linsen Nambi Bunker Services employees participated in the IMO International Day of the Seafarer on 25 June 2019 under the theme of gender equality and women empowerment. The company has a program to actively develop women in the maritime industry, as with less than 2% of the merchant marine crew being women, the industry is losing out on a massive talent pool. Ms. Londiwe Mcwabe a trainee mate on the Southern Venture, discusses the strength of women and her aspirations to break the mould to become a Master. Ms. Mbali Zikhali shares her experience working in grease overalls in the engine room, as a motor-women.

Written by Marc Rich.