Linsen Nambi bunker barges are highly manoeuvrable craft. Despite there size and carrying capacity they are able to berth alongside and bunker most vessels.

The Hai Yang Shi You 278 is a prime example. On the 12-05-2018 the heavy lift vessel came into Durban Harbour and berth at NP 104. Its cargo at the time was an Oil Rig. The Rigs structure protruded beyond the extremities of the main deck. The overhanging cargo made manoeuvring into position tricky for the barge.

Linsen Nambi bunker barges are vetted to OCIMF standards and its experienced team of Masters will not place the vessel, its crew or cargo at risk. Weeks or careful planning and the Risk assessment revealed that the Hai Yang Shi You 278 could be bunkered safely but it would require careful manoeuvring from the Barge Master and connecting of the bunker hose to an unusually placed bunker station.

Once in position, the crew made fast and then slewed the cargo boom 35 Degrees to the left from its, 90-degree point of rest. This allowed the crew sufficient slack to connect the 6”, 20 Meter bunker delivery hose onto Hai Yang Shi You bunker manifold, positioned on the vessel’s stern.

A 1400 MT – MFO stem was delivered without incident in roughly 10 hours. The Hai Yang Shi You 278 slow acceptance rate prolonged the operation and required extended periods of concentration and safety awareness by Linsen Nambi crew.

I watched the entire operation from my office window overlooking the harbour that day and I was extremely proud of the level of skill and commitment I witnessed – Gavin Naidoo