After 26 years in the bunker business, the time has come for me to take a break. We can call it early retirement, taking a sabbatical, or whatever comes to mind, fact is, I can do with a break and my hobbies and family can do with a bit of Dian time.

It’s been a busy 26 years, in a constantly changing and often challenging and demanding market that never stops moving. I have met great people, forged solid, lasting friendships, learned a lot and taught some, experienced lows, but mostly highs and in the whole process, hopefully, made a meaningful contribution to some and society. I’ve always been very fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse crowd of people, from all over the world and all walks of life, for which I’m entirely grateful. People is what makes the world go round and every success I have achieved is somehow linked to the people who’ve crossed my path. This is also what today, inspires my message to you, my Linsen Nambi Family.

The world around us is a rapidly changing place and the challenges seems to be relentless, gone are the days where today is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow. We have to constantly analyze, strategize and plan and absolutely nothing can be taken for granted. We can’t wait for change, as individuals, we have to create the change, or the stability, for that matter. Waiting for a politician, CEO, manager, master, or even a family member to bring about change, is not going to work, we have to start within ourselves. Always ask what you can give, before asking what you can get. Meaningful employment is a huge privilege these days and we constantly have to remind each other of this.


Dian Esterhuyse