A walk past the office of Linsen Nambi Bunker Services’ Health and Safety Manager, Gavin Naidoo’s, may lead you to believe that the business manages a soccer club, as opposed to being in the fuel delivery business. The walls are adorned with picture frames of soccer squads squatting on the field holding up, or biting medals, in their soiled soccer kit, which they wear with a fierce loyal pride, as if soldiers celebrating the end of a successful war. Amidst these pictures and the obviously oversized trophies and medals on shelfs or hanging from the wall are the odd photos of his infant son, in a Liverpool soccer club jersey.It’s clear that winning is part of the company’s culture and accolades are meant to be celebrated.

Therefore it was quite the upset when the company soccer team lost silverware at the Family Day in July this year. The browbeat team tasted disappointment and it stung their pallet. Biting his tongue Gavin Naidoo, the team manager, gave a post-match interview in which he assessed the day’s performance and the learnings. Xolani Mgabhi the team Captain also expressed that he was happy with his teammates’ performance, he felt some decisions didn’t go their way but that all players enjoyed themselves.

Linsen Nambi have a soccer derby, which is the highlight of their annual Family Day. Teams from across the industry play each other in a friendly rivalry competing for bragging rights for the year. Gavin Naidoo remains sullen on the topic, but at least in a few month’s he has the opportunity to bring his trophy back home, for now he does not wish to give any interviews, but has hinted on a new training plan and a secret weapon in development. He looks longingly at the empty space on his shelf and one may question whether he still blames himself.

Oblivious to the melodrama, the children enjoyed themselves on the jumping castle amongst the balloons, DJ, and sugary treats. Families spent time together and crew from different vessels intermingled, true to the culture that Linsen Nambi is a family.

Written by Marc Rich.