Linsen Nambi Bunker Services is a global leader and trendsetter in the use of flow meters for volume measurement in the delivery of marine fuels. Linsen Nambi Bunker Services has been using flow meters since 2008, whereas ports like Singapore have only recently legislated their use.

As bunkers make up one of the biggest input costs of any shipping operation owners rightfully want to ensure they get what they pay for. Fuel quality and accuracy of delivered quantity are of critical importance.

Our systems were designed to make the bunkering experience in both Durban and Cape Town, a pleasant one, with total peace of mind around delivered quantity. All product delivered by barge is measured by either Krohne, ultrasonic flow meters, or Krohne, Optimass 200 S250, mass flow meters. Our Meters are also temperature compensated, to simplify and standardise volume calculations. These flow meters are extremely accurate, over wide flow, temperature and actual viscosity ranges. All meters are fitted with air eliminators, in line with custody transfer guidelines. Our Flow meters are proven annually by a SANAS approved independent calibration authority.

All barges are equipped with Krohne Radar Tank Level Gauging systems (Cargomasters). These systems are totally independent of flow meters and are used for loading purposes and to back up the flow meters up in the unlikely event of flowmeter failure. Although radars are very accurate, they are affected by trim, list and temperature, however, are still significantly more accurate than physical soundings and are not susceptible to human error. The Cargomaster also eliminates the need for receiving ship’s crew to physically sound barge tanks, as the tank condition report is a live document that could be printed at any given time and handed over ship’s representative, both before and after bunker operation.  For more piece of mind, this could then be compared to flow meter readings. This saves a lot of precious time, for both barge operator, ship’s crew and ship owner.

In the unlikely event that both flow meters and Cargomasters fail, physical ullages and product temperature measurement can be done using portable UTI gauges. These instruments screw onto vapour lock couplings which eliminates human contact with fuel vapours.

Linsen Nambi Bunker Services is the leading bunker barge operator in Africa and one of only a hand full globally, that make use of the combination of these technologies above. Our three barges in Durban and Cape Town have executed 18,700 deliveries to date, or 0.5% resulting in quantity disputes. Although these are phenomenal numbers, we always strive to reduce quantity disputes to zero.