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Linsen Nambi Bunker Services is a family.

We have over 100 full-time South Africans employed at sea, as Masters, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, Able Seaman, Oilers and trainees, as well as a staff compliment employed ashore, in support services.

We have father and sons from the same families working on our vessels, in various positions. Most of our staff have worked for the organisation for more than 10 years, with the majority starting as trainees, some working their way right up to Master and Chief Engineer level.

A photograph of the Linsen Nambi Bunker Services team in front of their vessels


To become the preferred provider of delivery services of marine fuels.


Provide a high-quality marine fuels delivery service through the ownership & operation of a fleet of modern vessels


The term “bunkering” originated in the old-days when steamships, would need to store coal on board in bunkers. It now refers to the supply of fuel to vessels. Our bunker vessels deliver fuel, on behalf of oil majors, to other vessels. We position our ships alongside receiving vessels and discharge fuel into the receiving vessel via a hydraulically operated cargo flow boom and flexible hoses. In layman terms, we are the petrol attendants of the sea.


  • Understand our customer’s needs

  • Ensure that all our employees are equipped to safely meet our customer requirements

  • Comply with all legal requirements

  • Identify, prepare & practice for risks and emergencies

  • Continuous Improvement in HSE and operations

  • Vigorously pursue the objective of zero pollution

  • Instill a safety culture amongst all employees


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Linsen Nambi Bunker Services own and operate three vessels. Two are in the port of Durban, under contract to oil major BP & one vessel in Cape Town under contract to Astron Energy.

Linsen Nambi Bunker Services Division

Linsen Nambi Bunker Services vessel Fumana refueling the Queen Mary at the Durban Port

The three vessels are of modern design, two were built in 2008 & one in 2010. Each vessel is capable of carrying approximately 4500 tons of product (HFO / Gas Oil / Diesel) separately segregated and features double hulls, redundant propulsion systems, closed loading and radar cargo measurement. The vessels have been designed to meet & exceed all the oil majors safety & operational requirements.

The vessels are classed by an international classification society & comply with all SAMSA & IMO certification. The vessel specifications and its operation have passed the stringent annual Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) set by the oil majors, BP, Astron Energy & Shell, as well as annual class inspections. We are particularly proud of this because our vessels are registered in South Africa & operated by South African crew & Masters.


Linsen Nambi Bunker Services is the first 100% black-owned, ship owning company in South Africa. We are 51% black women-owned. 49% black youth-owned. Our B-BBEE Status is LEVEL 2 and B-BBEE Recognition Level is 125%